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RBCsolutions logo

I bought my first Mac in 1996 and built my first website, "Rhonda's Home of Web Links" (RHoWL). As the internet was new, the site was a place to share links to sites I found of interest. A visitor to the site offered to create a "home" to suit the title, and buttons for navigation and, 22 years later, I'm using the RHoWL Victoria House (as I called it) in the background of this page.

RBCsolutions came about in 1998 when I needed a name for my self employment ventures. Thanks to Mark S, he came up with both the name and logo design concept. I still use it as part of the page copyright.

There are several family trees, both private and public:

  • ALTER-DRUKARSH connections... (family access only)
    Geenealogy of the Alter and Drukarsh family trees.
  • UNCLE UMMIE'S JOURNAL (family access only)
    My late uncle's daily journal chronicling family events.
  • THE REBBES OF GER (coming soon)
    A highly-esteemed group of Rabbis to whom family connection has been established.
  • THE ROYALS (public)
    Yet another version of the British royal family that I infrequently maintain.
    Poetry I've collected from childhood and 50 years later, put online.