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I bought my first Mac in 1996 and built a website, "Rhonda's Home of Web Links" (RHoWL). As the internet was new, the site was a place to share links to sites I found of interest. A visitor to the site offered to create a "home" and navigation buttons to suit the title and, all these years later, I'm using the RHoWL Victoria House (as I called it) in the background of this page.

RBCsolutions came about in 1998 when I needed a name for my self-employment ventures. Thanks to Mark S, he came up with both the name and logo design concept. (It's part of the page copyright.

There are several family trees, both private and public:

  • ALTER-DRUKARSH connections... (family access only)
    Geenealogy of the Alter and Drukarsh family trees and its branches.
  • the GARELICKS... (family access only)
    Geenealogy of the Garelick family branch.
  • THE GERRER REBBES (full access)
    A highly-esteemed group of Rabbis to whom family connection has been established.
  • THE KENNEDYS (full access)
    JFK and all his relatives. Found online, cleanup in progress.
  • THE ROYALS (full access)
    A version of the British and European royal families posted online, that I occasionally maintain.
  • RBC's POETRY COLLECTION (full access)
    Poetry I've collected from childhood and 50 years later, put online.